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Force Linux Clock reset with NTP – Raspberry Pi

My laptop and most of my workstations, dual boot say to W10, Ubuntu/Linuxmint/Kali etc. I find the time changes back and forth between when logged into a unix OS and Windows OS.  Below helps me from Linux reset the time … Continue reading

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Notes: Installing MOVES2014a on Linux

Reference: Installing MOVES2014a on Linux Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 click on any image below for large version. Text – movesconfiguration file: defaultServerName = localhost defaultDatabaseName = movesdb20151028 executionServerName = localhost executionDatabaseName = MOVESExecution outputServerName = outputDatabaseName = MOVESOutput nonroadExePath … Continue reading

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Android Studio, Java JDK Setup for Linux, Linuxmint 17

Setting up to run Android Studio [used for Google’s Android mobile app development] , on Linuxmint: Download Android studio sdk from here Download Java JDK from here run the commands below from a terminal window.   updating Android SDK  

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Installing CUDA Toolkit 6.5 on Ubuntu 14.10 Linux

Click here for an excellent simple guide to installing Cuda Toolkit version 6.5 [as of now] on Ubuntu 14, LinuxMint 17 distros etc. Screenshots from my install:

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Cuda Installation on LinuxMint 17

Below is a screenshot of options choosen while installing Cuda on Linux Mint 17 distro. I also needed to go to administration, driver manager and select the 340 driver.    

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Physbam installation

“PhysBAM is a multiphysics simulation library, capable of simulating rigid & deformable bodies, compressible & incompressible fluids, coupled solids & fluids, coupled rigid & deformable solids, articulated rigid bodies & humans, fracture, fire, smoke, hair, cloth, muscles, as well as … Continue reading

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Updating Kali Linux

Problem: sudo apt-get update && apt-get install -y linux-headers-$(uname -r)Hit http://security.kali.org kali/updates InRelease Hit http://security.kali.org kali/updates/main amd64 Packages Hit http://security.kali.org kali/updates/contrib amd64 Packages Hit http://security.kali.org kali/updates/non-free amd64 Packages Ign http://security.kali.org kali/updates/contrib Translation-en_US Ign http://security.kali.org kali/updates/contrib Translation-en Ign http://security.kali.org kali/updates/main Translation-en_US … Continue reading

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Nvidia GPU Bandwith Test

Test result on Nbidia GPU – CUDA [bandwidthTest.exe] starting… C:ProgramDataNVIDIA CorporationNVIDIA GPU Computing SDK 4.0Cbinwin64Relea sebandwidthTest.exe Starting… Running on… Device 0: GeForce GTX 560 Ti Quick Mode Host to Device Bandwidth, 1 Device(s), Paged memory Transfer Size (Bytes) Bandwidth(MB/s) 33554432 … Continue reading

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Fedora Realtek RT8191SE wireless nic driver on Toshiba A505-S6986

Works for Fedora 13, 14 Installed this operating system – click here for fedora 13 – on a 2nd partition on my laptop. I installed the full x64 DVD iso version. Needed to get the wireless card working, this is … Continue reading

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Removing previous Fedora kernels…

i currently run Fedora 12 with the latest stable kernel update. Heres the command steps l took to erase the 2 kernels l dont need. Its always a good idea to have a fall back previous kernel available if needed. … Continue reading

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