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Python notes

Python source –> here python –m pip install –U pip pip install tweepy      

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Ubuntu: Python, import tkinter fails

Tkinter is used to make GUI buttons, windows in Python. To get this working on ubuntu, or linuxmint, do this: sudo apt-get install tk-dev python import Tkinter

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Hacking Minecraft Pi Edition

Great introduction video on Hacking Minecraft Pi Edition on the Raspberry Pi  

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MEL scripting

One cool thing used a lot in Autodesk Maya – a #D graphics software – is MEL – maya embedded language – a proprietary scripting language. Maya also supports Python – used widely by film/animation industry including ILM – Industrial … Continue reading

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Install or update latest Blender 2.67b in Ubuntu from SVN source

Open a terminal and run the below commands to install Beta / Final release Blender 3D Graphics software from svn source: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:irie/blender sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install blender You may also need to go to software sources/other … Continue reading

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